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Cabinet - the right way to choose
- Jan 05, 2018 -

Follow the inspection order, you will be able to choose the cabinet in line with priorities devices (including Enron, durability, compatibility and ease of handling whether) they do not exceed your budget. The first consideration should be peace. Installing a mission-critical IT device in a locked enclosure can make network administrators feel more comfortable, which also limits the number of people who can open the enclosure.

Physical Requirements Lists all equipment housed in the enclosure and its complete gauging data: height, length, width and weight. The overall height of these devices will ultimately determine how much equipment can be loaded into the cabinet. Obviously, high cabinets can be loaded into more equipment, and more provincial.

Of course, try to take advantage of the height of the cabinet is not the only consideration, the rear of the cabinet also has a great place to use. This is why you want to measure the depth of the cabinet. Choose a deeper cabinet, you can put two sets of equipment face to face, so as to install more equipment. In the above way, two rows of devices can be installed in the cabinet, one row is loaded and unloaded from the front door of the cabinet, and the other row is loaded and unloaded from the back door. The cabinet should have an adjustable position. After calculating the finished rack space (in a "U or 1.75 inches), but also consider the size of the room. I not want to see filled soon after the cabinet also found and then put into some of the equipment. Once you have bought and cabinet After installation, these extra equipment so often appeared, as a basic principle, the height of the cabinet 30% to 20% per cent more standby extension. these spaces also improves ventilation equipment No stent device with Consider the width, because it is designed for the width of the cabinet, but can not ignore the width of the server and other peripherals can not support the bracket.