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Cabinets basic structure
- Jan 05, 2018 -

Cabinet load-bearing components, materials and manufacturing processes of different, can be divided into two basic profiles and sheet metal structure.

① Profile structure cabinet: a steel profile cabinet and aluminum cabinet two. Steel shaped cabinet by the special-shaped seamless steel pipe for the column composition. The stiffness and strength of such cabinets are good, suitable for heavy equipment. Aluminum profiles made of aluminum profiles have a degree of stiffness and strength, suitable for general or light equipment. This cabinet is light weight, less processing, beautiful appearance, widely used.

② thin-plate structure cabinet: the whole plate cabinet, the side plate for a whole plate bending forming. This cabinet stiffness and strength are good, suitable for heavy or general equipment. However, because the side panels are not removable, so that assembly, maintenance inconvenient. The structure of the bent column column cabinet is similar to that of the profile cabinet, while the upright column is formed by bending the steel plate. This cabinet has a certain rigidity and strength, suitable for general equipment.

According to the needs of the cabinet is also equipped with cabinet accessories. Its main accessories are fixed or retractable rails, locking devices, hinges, cable trunking, cable tray and shielded comb reed, etc.