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Purpose of the cabinet
- Jan 05, 2018 -

Many people think of cabinets as cabinets for IT equipment. Cabinets are cabinets, but more than that. For the computer itself, the cabinet also has an important supporting role and UPS power supply. A good cabinet means that your computer can run in a good environment. Therefore, the role played by the cabinet is equally important. Cabinets systematically solve the high density of heat dissipation in computer applications, a large number of cable attachment and management, high-capacity power distribution and full compatibility with different manufacturers of rack-mounted equipment, so that the data center to run in a highly stable environment .

In all major rooms can see a variety of models of cabinets, with the computer industry continue to break through, the cabinet reflects the function is also growing. Cabinets are generally used in the network cabling room, floor wiring room, the center room, data room, control center, monitoring room, monitoring center.