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Repair of car sheet metal.
- Apr 11, 2018 -


According to the overall process, there are two main ways to repair auto parts: quick fix and deep repair. The former is suitable for the surface of the car without damage. The latter is suitable for quick repair of other requirements that are difficult to complete.

1. Prepare the required tools and clean up the damaged parts of the vehicle. Lacquer surface cleaning, not only the finish of the surface polishing is so simple, the most difficult point, is the edge of the damaged part of the transition. Only the more uniform, smooth lacquer surface transition, can let the later spray paint and the body original paint blend together.

2. Besides, sheet metal recovery, there may be a variety of tools can be used, including manual, pneumatic, electric, but in the end, depend on teacher's patience for sheet metal, experience and technology, by hitting build perfect frilled edge. Repair deep pits through the lift of the plastic frame.

3. Besides, it is necessary to use putty to fill in even more tiny pits after the auto sheet metal has been restored. The repaired sheet metal will be polished to the same level or even more flat surface as the original car. Some of the damage areas do not need to be putty, so the need for high precision polishing and polishing.

 4.And spray paint. The car paint of car sheet metal parts to want to spray 3 ways commonly: head road primer, intermediate coat and finish coat. The first primer is used to increase the adhesion of intermediate primer; Intermediate primer is to provide a complete and smooth surface for the finish, increase adhesion and play an isolating role to ensure the durability of the paint; The main effect of paint is, of course, beautiful.

5. Spray paint to dry.