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The application of sheet metal products is robust and robust.
- Apr 27, 2018 -

Sheet metal products with light weight, high strength and conductivity, low cost, large-scale production performance is good wait for a characteristic, in electronic appliances, communications, automotive industry, medical equipment and other fields has been widely used, for example in the computer case, mobile phone, MP3, sheet metal part is essential. With the application of sheet metal is more and more widely, more and more is also high to the requirement of sheet metal, sheet metal pieces of the overall requirements is not very high, actually just a notice to pay attention to the assembly, but precision sheet metal requirement is strict tolerance, if out-of-tolerance can assembly is not qualified, its tolerance level of request also is higher than the normal one, so also will be more strict precision sheet metal processing.

Because the application field of sheet metal products is very extensive, its downstream almost includes all manufacturing, major industries have communications electronics industry, automobile manufacturing, motorcycle manufacturing, aerospace, instrumentation industry, household appliances industry, etc.

In general, all kinds of mechanical and electronic products, such as metal forming parts mostly made sheet metal process, among them, the stamping process is suitable for mass production, and CNC sheet metal process is suitable for precision production. Although sheet metal processing industry in China has been to the world, and many customers in the world occupy a certain market share, but the technology level, there is still a gap compared with developed countries related enterprises, the key difference between technical service ability is weak, not fully and timely to meet customer demand. With the growing industry internationalization level, industry leading enterprises have gradually aware of the gaps, gradually establish a complete manufacturing service system, in this part of the enterprise technology level gap compared with developed countries related enterprises have significantly lower.