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The history of metal processing
- May 31, 2018 -

From a million years ago, primitive man used stone as a tool, called the paleolithic age. Ten thousand years ago, humans processed stone tools to make them into utensils and exquisite tools, thus entering the neolithic age. Archaeological excavations proved that our country in more than eight thousand years ago has now made practical pottery, over six thousand years ago has smelting brass, has simple bronze tools in more than four thousand years ago, has made of corrugated iron weapon in more than three thousand years ago. Our ancestors smelt pig iron more than 2,500 years ago in the spring and autumn period, more than 1,800 years before Europe. In the 18th century, the development of iron and steel industry became the important content and material basis of industrial revolution. In the middle of the 19th century, the appearance of modern open-hearth and converter nickel tube steelmaking technology brought man into the steel age. At the same time, copper, lead, zinc are also widely used, aluminum, magnesium, titanium and other metals have been developed and applied. So far, metal materials have been dominant in the material industry

position Metal material can be said to be the full name witness of the development of human society, so to speak, it is inseparable from the important role it plays in various transitional periods of human society. As one of the earliest materials that human beings discovered and began to use, metal can be said to influence the development of human history in all aspects. From the original metal into the hunting weapons to the life of people today is completely without metal, metal already visible in the whole of the human society, so the metal in the human society in the past, now and in the future will be what kind of again? [2]

The role of metal in the past of human society is mostly a microcosm of the social nature of a period. Such as the new Stone Age, Bronze Age, and so on, and what could be so named for these times, in the final analysis, the main reason, is the human in this stone have developed some new metal, and the metal is almost decided the human civilization progress during this period. If the stone in the warring states period, due to the invention and use of iron, both of liberated the rural productive forces, and in the war after use, greatly shortened the course of the war, thus speeding up the unity of the whole nation, and the end of the chaotic situation and make our civilization after a period of turmoil will continue to develop to normal. Among them, the contribution of metal in weapon is mainly in the casting of cold weapon, and stone weapon and bronze weapon are the most important. The stone weapon period started from the primitive people's learning to make labor tools, such as stone axe and stone knife, and lasted about half a million years until the bronze weapon of the xia dynasty came out. Judging from the unearthed stone weapons, the oldest weapons in China were made by ancient ape-men who collected quartzite, sandstone, lamprot and other materials, after beating and grinding. There are flat, round, square, close all kinds of irregular shape, there are knife, there are in the shape of the school. Our ancestors survived and evolved on tools that were both tools of labor and weapons of defense, hunting animals and slash-and-burn species. By the end of the paleolithic age, people had been able to make stone spears, javelin guns, stone axes and other weapons that could be fitted with bamboo and wood barrels. This fully shows the wisdom and exquisite skills of the ancient Chinese working people, and people have left ignorance for civilization. In the neolithic age, the technology of stone weapon manufacturing has been greatly improved and the variety of stone weapon is increasing day by day. The bronze weapon period lasted from the xia dynasty to the spring and autumn period and warring states period. This period is accompanied by our country's slavery society, from prosperity to decline. Rising prosperity in shang dynasty bronze culture, under the pomp of bronze weapons rapid rise, soon becomes the tool of slave owners noble scholar-bureaucrat class master, and completely replaced the old stone weapon, become CheZhan equipment of the main weapon in the army times. So it can be seen that metal materials in the ancient society has a pivotal status. When people realized this, they also increased their utilization, which promoted the development of metal smelting technology to a certain extent. The two are complementary.