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What are the advantages and disadvantages of the water cooler?
- Apr 18, 2018 -

      The water cooling system is quite strong, the advantages and disadvantages of the water cooling system are simple. The strength of water cooling system is the superior choice of super player.

     First of all, absolute silence master,CPU, power, and graphics are all based on water cooling system.

     Second, compared with active cooling fan type and type of thermal conductivity of the passive cooling, water cooling or the 2 on the cooling capacity of a lot of, can very good protection more computer to prolong the service life of the original device. But there are also shortcomings,

     First, it is expensive, and if a cheaper water cooling system chooses to overdo it, it can destroy the electronic components.

     Second, complicated operation, water-cooled heat normally do not like fan, easy disassembly, because water need water as a loop body and heat conduction effect, so there is rubber hose, for wiring and remove and clean there are certain difficulties in the future, of course, if you choose not to dress in the case said the other.