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What are the functional characteristics of industrial humidifier?
- Apr 09, 2018 -

Industrial humidifier refers to the humidifier system used in industrial area and central air conditioning. Different from the civil humidifier, the humidifier can achieve full automatic control. Atomization movement humidification quantity is big, no mechanical operation, bring their own water level protection switch, reliable operation, also can according to the different using different large industrial humidifier system, industrial humidifier can be divided into the central air conditioning humidifier and commercial humidifier, etc.


1. The case is made of stainless steel * and atomized core.

2. Modular integration, single chip can replace the chip.

3. No mechanical operation, equipped with water level protection switch, reliable operation.

4. With high atomization efficiency, the particle diameter of the whole machine is only 1~5, and the gasification efficiency can reach 100%.

5. Equipped with automatic water supply and water protection and overflow function, the optional drainage device and water softener device can meet the requirement of non-calcified white powder pollution.

6. Automatic control can be carried out according to the environmental humidity value.