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What do you know about sheet metal?
- Apr 04, 2018 -

      The commonly used sheet metal materials are as follows:

    1. Cold rolled plate, brand SPCC. The most basic sheet metal material is widely used, it is used as the base material of other materials, it is easy to rust.

    2. Electroplated zinc plate, the brand SECC, is widely used for electroplating of substrate with cold plate, which is the result of chemical reaction.

    3. Hot galvanized plate, SGCC, is widely used. It is the product of heating and forming the zinc layer in the molten zinc solution with cold plate, and the process is a physical change process.

    4. Hot rolled plate, brand SPHC, belongs to low - end material easy to rust, thick thickness generally is above 3mm. Usually used for hinged products.

    5.SD steel plate is a plate with excellent corrosion and corrosion resistance. The installation bracket of the air conditioning outdoor machine is to use this material.

    6. Stainless steel and stainless steel, stainless steel shell processing typical plate number SUS304 and SUS430, belong to alloy material. Anticorrosion anticorrosion property is good, the surface is more beautiful. It is usually used for appearance, such as the door shell of the refrigerator and the focal plane of the gas cooker.

    7.Aluminium zinc plate, apparently belonged to a kind of electric galvanized sheet, but a lot more than electric galvanized sheet to a kind of metal aluminum, so the surface is bright and beautiful, commonly used to do a appearance, such as steel plate at the back of a refrigerator.

    8.Aluminum plate or aluminum alloy plate, also can be called aluminum sheet. Low density anticorrosion, typical products: refrigerator water plate and evaporator fins, etc.