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What does sheet metal spray paint do?
- Apr 13, 2018 -

Sheet metal spray paint is also known as baking paint/spray paint. The main function is to resist oxidation, prolong the time of rust and corrosion, and increase the service life

1. It is a kind of surface treatment of plain steel plate, most of which is cold rolled plate;

2. The preliminary process includes the blanking, stamping/number punching, bending, welding/riveting pressure;

3. Pre-baking process: pretreatment (surface unevenly filled atom, ash pickling, passivation, cleaning, drying)

4. Baking varnish refers to the surface of the steel plate that is attached to the steel plate by baking powder; Can prevent too fast oxidation, rust.

A. A powder like substance is sprayed on the metal surface by A static pressure gun, which melts at A high temperature of 200 to 220 degrees and adheres to the surface.

B. Sheet metal process can be made of various shapes and high hardness. The cost is lower than stainless steel, so the general chassis is used most and widely.