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Basic Knowledge Of Stamping Die Terminology
- Aug 27, 2018 -


Crimping is a kind of stamping process to roll the edge of workpiece into a closed circle. The axis of a circular roll is linear. [1]

2, roll edge

The flange is a kind of punching process to roll the upper edge of hollow parts into a nearly closed circle.

3, drawing

Drawing is a punching process that turns flat wool or workpiece into a curved shape.

4, bent

Tension bending is a kind of stamping process in which bending deformation is realized under the combined action of tension and bending moment, and the whole cross section of bending is subjected to tensile stress.

5, bulging

Bulging is a stamping process that extends hollow or tubular parts radially outward. Cutting and cutting is a kind of stamping process that divides the forming part into several parts.

6, leveling

Leveling is a stamping process to improve the flatness of part or whole planar parts. Rolling forming