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Classification By Product Processing
- Sep 12, 2018 -

According to the different processing methods, the die can be divided into five categories, such as punching and cutting die, bending die, drawing die, forming die and compression die.

A. Punching and shearing dies: cutting and punching dies, blanking die, punching die, trimming die, trimming die, punching die, punching die and punching die are commonly used.

B. Bending mould: it is a kind of moulds that bend the flat wool blank into an Angle shape, depending on the shape, precision and production amount of the parts, and has various forms, such as common bending die, CAM bending die, edge rolling die, arc bending die, bending and bending die, etc.

C. Drawing die: the drawing die is made of flat wool into a seamless container with a bottom.

D. Forming dies: refer to various local deformation methods to change the shape of the blank, which is in the form of a punch die, a flange forming die, a neck forming die, a hole flange forming die, and a circular edge forming die.

E. Compression mold: it makes use of strong pressure to make the metal blank flow and deform to the desired shape, including extrusion die, embossing die, embossing die and end pressing die.