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Development Trend Of Precision Sheet Metal Stamping Industry.
- May 23, 2018 -

The stamping industry is an industry that covers a wide range of fields, which is deeply involved in all aspects of manufacturing industry, and is called stamping of sheet metal in foreign countries. At present, the sheet metal stamping is mainly used in automobiles, spare parts, IT electronic appliances, household appliances, daily necessities, special stamping and so on six big areas: automobile industry of the sheet metal stamping parts, stamping, machine industry IT electronic stamping parts stamping factory, life commodity, household appliances parts stamping factory, special stamping company.

In recent years, the sheet metal industry got great development in our country, but most of the enterprises is still in the low productivity of manual mill, in the fierce competition in the low-grade products, need to be able to adapt to the needs of national economic development, participate in international competition, precision sheet metal industry in our country must avoid vicious competition, implement differentiation production; The management is going out, please come in; Technology to update and change constantly, improve existing process equipment, hard work and working smart, improve product quality and meet the requirements of product quality and supply of the increasing market demand, and on the premise of have the ability, as far as possible the use of advanced manufacturing technology and equipment, set up a sound quality assurance system, improve the level of motors, specialization and automation, information-based manufacturing, to meet the requirements of the mass and flexible production.

"The importance of service manufacturing is becoming more and more widely recognized and accepted, and it has become a trend in the development of stamping sheet metal manufacturing industry." International mold and metal plastic industry suppliers association secretary general luo hui said, after the baptism of the financial crisis, many enterprises to carry out a profound reflection, for the future development strategy is to make the corresponding adjustment, from the production management enterprise gradually to integrated service-oriented enterprise transformation almost reached a consensus. For stamping and sheet metal enterprises, we should focus on improving the supply capacity of complete sets of technology and automation line, and strive to cultivate the overall solution and manufacturing expert system. In particular, is to improve service quality and scope, and infiltrate into each link of the service, including technical advice, customer training, financial settlement, logistics, product technical service, help customer to carry on the secondary development, meet the personalized needs of customers, etc. At the same time, we can solve the problem for customers in the shortest time, and maximize the response speed.

The stamping, sheet metal industry in China must conform to the development of low carbon, environmental protection, energy saving, material saving, design and manufacturing and consumption concept, to the precision, high efficiency, specialization, scale, and globalization. China's enterprises have a long way to go, and will transform from six aspects in the future.

One is the adoption of advanced manufacturing technology and equipment, set up a sound quality assurance system, improve the level of motors, specialization and automation, information-based manufacturing, meet the needs of mass production and flexibility;

The second is to improve the production, marketing and management level of enterprises, reduce the management cost, and improve the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises.

Enterprises should constantly improve and improve their production and sales levels, constantly reduce their management costs, and truly achieve quality, efficiency and comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises.

Three is the construction of talent team, in the high-quality talent for the imported enterprises at the same time, also attaches great importance to the team's continuing education and training, employees keep their technology and management level and time synchronization. Stamping sheet metal industry, the great challenge of the future will be a lack of high-quality laborers, labor costs facing enormous pressure, so enterprises must pay attention to technical innovation and personnel training, must pay attention to cultivate suitable for our enterprise production characteristics of workers.

Fourth, we should strengthen international exchanges and cooperation, survey the development of the precision sheet metal industry at home and abroad, collect important industry information, open up the career of decision-making leaders, and improve the forward-looking leadership decisions.

Fifth, establish the concept of integrity, establish a good reputation of the enterprise, and strive to be a hundred year enterprise.

Six, establish the overall point is to establish a reasonable upstream and downstream of the supply and demand, at the same time should also be introduced to cultivate international talents, look to the local conditions and customs of other countries, laws and regulations, language and culture, ensure enterprise unimpeded communication with foreign enterprises, improve the success rate of cooperation.