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High Speed Milling
- Sep 14, 2018 -

In general milling, low feed rate and large cutting parameters are adopted, while in high-speed milling, high feed rate and small cutting parameters are adopted. Compared with conventional milling, high-speed milling has the following characteristics:

A. The spindle speed of efficient high-speed milling is generally 15000r/min ~ 40000r/min, with a maximum of 100000r/min. When cutting steel, the cutting speed is about 400m/min, which is 5 ~ 10 times higher than traditional milling. Compared with traditional machining methods (conventional milling, edm, etc.), the machining efficiency of mold cavity is 4 ~ 5 times higher.

B. The precision of high-precision and high-speed milling is generally 10 mm, and some of the precision is even higher.

C. high surface quality because of the small when high speed milling workpiece temperature (about 3 ° c), so the surface without metamorphic layer and micro cracks, the thermal deformation is small. The best surface roughness Ra is less than 1 mm, reducing the subsequent grinding and polishing workload.

D. It can process steel of 50 ~ 54HRC with high hard materials, and the maximum hardness can be up to 60HRC.

Because high speed machining has the advantages mentioned above, high speed machining is widely used in mold manufacturing, and gradually replaces part grinding and electrical machining.