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Industrial Humidifier Classification
- Aug 01, 2018 -

Industrial humidifiers can be divided into central air-conditioning humidifiers and commercial humidifiers, which can be divided into equal enthalpy humidifiers and isothermal humidifiers.

1. Constant enthalpy atomized humidification: water is changed into mist and sprayed into the humidified environment by physical method. There are mechanical centrifugal humidifier, water spray humidifier, high pressure spray humidifier, ultrasonic humidifier, gas-water mixed humidifier (two-fluid humidifier), high pressure mist humidifier.

2. Isothermal evaporative humidification: through energy conversion, water is heated to generate steam and sprayed into the humidifying environment. It is divided into dry steam humidifier which produces steam and provides steam source by boiler or steam pipe network. As for self-produced steam humidification, it can be divided into electrode humidifier, electric heat humidifier, gas-fired humidifier, steam steam humidifier and infrared humidifier.

3. Constant enthalpy volatile humidification: when air is in contact with the hygroscopic medium, water evaporates from the surface of the hygroscopic material and enters the air for humidification. According to the properties of humidifying media, material media can be divided into plant fiber organic film, glass fiber inorganic film and aluminum metal wet film.

4. High pressure spray humidification combined with wet film humidification, double gasification humidifier; Achieve high gasification efficiency and save water.