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Investment Casting
- Jul 27, 2018 -

Investment casting is also called dewaxing casting, including wax pressing, wax fixing, tree forming, dip, wax melting, casting metal liquid and post-treatment. Molten mold casting usually refers to the casting scheme that is made of molten materials and coated with several layers of refractory materials on the surface of the appearance, and then the appearance is melted out of the mold shell, so as to obtain the casting scheme without fractal surface, which can be filled with sand after high temperature roasting. Waxless casting is to use wax to make the wax mold of the part to be cast, and then the wax mold is coated with mud, which is mud mold. The clay mould is baked into pottery mould after drying. Once roasting, the wax mould all melted away, leaving only the ceramic mould. Generally speaking, the casting port is left behind when making mud mould, and then the metal molten liquid is poured into the pouring port. After cooling, the required parts are made.