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Materials For Outdoor Cabinets
- Jul 13, 2018 -

It is used to manufacture the outside plate of the cabinet of the machine cabinet. The hot-dip zinc plate with a thickness of more than 1.5mm shall be used. Outdoor powder shall be sprayed after the hot-dip zinc plate is welded. The heat dissipation type cabinet body of the thermostat is made of hot-dip zinc plate, and the cooling type cabinet body is made of hot-dip zinc plate greater than or equal to 1.5mm plus 10mm insulation cotton.

The chassis of the cabinet is made of cold-rolled steel with a thickness of not less than 2mm, which is processed by hot-dip zinc surface after welding.

The metal material used in the cabinet should be able to resist corrosion and electrochemical reaction after surface treatment or not.

Non-metallic parts and components (including insulated wires, cables and foaming materials) shall be flame retardant and shall be able to pass flame retardant tests.