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Medium And Thick Slab
- Dec 03, 2018 -

The raw material of medium and thick slab is usually continuous casting slab. Heating in the slab in reheating furnace usually heating to 1150 ~ 1270 ° C (according to different steel grade, the heating system also vary). The heating process sufficiently reduces the deformation force of the steel to allow rolling and ensure that the alloying elements are completely solid dissolved. The slabs are sent into the heating furnace by means of transport equipment. The heating furnace usually USES burning gas to heat the slabs. The previous process and heating process of phosphorus removal will generate iron scale on the surface of the slab. If not removed, defects will be formed on the surface of the steel plate. Usually, the iron scale is removed by high-pressure water (about 200bar, 1bar= 0.1mpa).