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Metal Harvest
- Jan 05, 2018 -

In 1995, when biologist Megrellet of the University of Oldenburg in Russia, studying an annual herb called Polygonum, unexpectedly found Polygonum leaves containing unusually high levels of zinc, lead, cadmium and other metals. Does this indicate that Polygonum has the "hobby" of absorbing these metals from the soil? So he took this question, in a number of zinc, lead, cadmium and other metals contaminated land planted a large number of Polygonum. These Polygonum grow very lush, large and thick leaves, the result in the 1 hectare of land, harvest a large number of Polygonum season. Meglite put Polygonum in a furnace at 800 ° C and burned it to ashes, yielding 1.3 kg of cadmium, 23 kg of lead and 322 kg of zinc.

A test group at the University of Olden in Germany has succeeded in introducing the Polygonum capitatum in a scrap metal storage yard. The team has received a large number of orders from all over Germany, and in particular from environmental groups, and also set up a special order to promote the research A commercial company Its operations have drawn great interest from the German military sector, as historically various military exercises venues, including those used as chemical weapons warehouses during World War II, have yet to be reworked and pollution has been eliminated, and the companies have already decided where to plant Polygonum, in order to purify the environment, recycling of harmful metals.

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