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Metal Processing Technology - Plastic Forming Processing
- Jan 05, 2018 -

Metalworking refers to the human production of metal elements or metal elements mainly consisting of metal materials with the processing activities. Metal processing methods and processes include:

Plastic molding processing

Forging: It is one of the simplest and oldest forms of metal molding with the form of thrashing and extruding to the metal under cold or hot working conditions.

Tying: The hot metal billet passes through a series of continuous cylindrical rollers that roll the metal into the mold to get the pre-set shape.

Drawn wire: The use of a series of specifications of the smaller drawing die metal strip drawn into filamentous process.

Extrusion: A low-cost solid, or hollow, metal-forming process for continuous machining with the same cross-sectional shape, both for hot work and for cold work.

Impact extrusion: for the processing of non-tapered requirements of small to medium-sized parts of the process. Production fast, you can process a variety of wall thickness of parts, processing low cost.

Powder Metallurgy: A process that can process ferrous metals as well as ferrous metals. Including the alloy powder mixture and the mixture into the mold two basic processes. Metal particles after high temperature sintering sintering. This process does not require machining, raw material utilization can reach 97%, different metal powder can be used to fill different parts of the mold.