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Nc Laser Cutting Machine
- Jun 15, 2018 -

According to the size of the laser generator, cutting thickness around 0.1 ~ 20 mm is generally not more than 10 mm, otherwise the cost is too big, the equipment investment cost is the highest in all the cutting way, and not a little bit high, use there is a high maintenance costs, cutting materials scope is bigger.

CNC water jet cutting machine (hereinafter referred to as water knife), usually less than 20 mm cutting thickness and the high pressure water jet and adding abrasive (silicon carbide or garnet) ways of cutting, cutting material range is one of the most widely, almost no cut too, second only to the laser equipment investment cost, the cost is higher also, because all the abrasive is one-off, use once went emissions into the environment, so the environmental pollution is more serious.

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