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Network Server Cabinet
- Nov 09, 2018 -

The main features of waterproof network server cabinet are as follows:


Air conditioning is suitable for high temperatures and is strong for all types of weather.


9 fold shape, high strength welded frame.


High density perforated front door (single open), turning over 180 degrees.


Detachable side plate, easy to install and maintain, with a crescent lock.


Four-angle connection to ensure strength and stability.


Adjustable footing and castor.


Top with adjustable cable inlet, bottom with cable inlet.


Efficient cabinet connection kit, grounding kit.


Install high quality fan and high standard power supply to ensure reliable equipment.


Safe operation.



Instructions for server cabinet:


Used to assemble panels, plug-ins, electronic components, components and mechanical parts and components, forming the entire mounting box.


The assembly layout of plug-ins and plug-ins can be divided into horizontal layout and vertical layout. The network cabinet is mainly used for wiring engineering.


In general, the depth of network cabinet is less than or equal to 800mm.


The depth of the server cabinet is greater than or equal to 800mm.




Description of server cabinet:


1. The size of the network server cabinet can be divided into:


22U network server cabinet (height: 1.2m, width: 0.6m, length: 0.8m)


27U network server cabinet (height: 1.4m, width: 0.6m, length: 0.8m)


32U network server cabinet (height: 1.6m, width: 0.6m, length: 0.8m)


37U network server cabinet (height: 1.8m, width: 0.6m, length: 0.8m)


42U network server cabinet (height: 2m, width: 0.6m, length: 0.8m)


47U network server cabinet (height: 2.2m, width: 0.6m, length: 0.8m)


2. According to functions: fire and magnetic proof cabinet, power cabinet, monitoring cabinet, shielding cabinet, safety cabinet, waterproof cabinet, safe cabinet, multimedia console, file cabinet, wall hanging cabinet;


3. According to applicable scope: outdoor cabinet, indoor cabinet, communication cabinet, industrial safety cabinet, low-voltage distribution cabinet, power cabinet and server cabinet;


4. Extended classification: console, computer cabinet, stainless steel cabinet, monitoring operation platform, tool cabinet, standard cabinet and network cabinet.



Application of server cabinet:


1. Cooling and environmental shielding of PLC and industrial precision control microcomputer system;


The cooling of rectifier and converter components in high-power power supply and the cooling of high-frequency power supply system;


Cooling of engine control center and microcomputer protection center of electrical system;


Relay control panel, sensitive LCD display cooling, constant temperature;


Cooling of electronic control device in the center of CNC machining;


Cooling of the CCTV lens and the removal of dust and water vapor;


Environmental shielding and isolation in hazardous environment such as temperature drop, constant temperature, pollution and anti-riot in the case of mobile phone;


The cooling of the laser shell, the cooling of the photoelectric sensor, the cooling of the photoelectric lens, and the cleaning;


cooling electronic scale electrical chassis cooling device suite with a thermostat.



Steps to use the server cabinet:


Installation cabinet: first, use the screws and nuts of the random frame belt to tighten the fixing rack; Second, bring down the cabinet and put the moving wheels on.


Third, adjust and add the baffle on the fixed rack according to the position of the equipment.


Finishing line:


Group the network line, the number of groups is usually less than or equal to the number of the rack behind the cabinet. Tie the power cord of all the equipment together.


After inserting the plug from the back through the wire hole, look for the respective device through a separate cable rack.


Fixed equipment:


Adjust the baffle in the cabinet to a proper position, so that the administrator can see the operation of all equipment without opening the cabinet door.


Add the baffle appropriately depending on the size and number of devices. Be careful to leave some space between the baffles. All the switching equipment used in the cabinet,


The routing equipment is positioned as per the predrawn drawing.


Internet labels:


After all the network cables are connected, each network cable needs to be identified, and the prepared paste shall be wrapped to the network cable immediately.


And use a pen to mark on it (general note room number or what use), the requirements of the logo should be simple and easy to understand.


Cross wire can be distinguished by the use of different colors of the instant paste and general line. If there is too much equipment, the equipment should be classified and labeled.


Post work


Power connection test:


When confirmed, switch on the power and conduct network connectivity tests to ensure the normal operation of the user - this is the most important.



Basic structure of server cabinet:


The server cabinet is composed of a frame and cover board (door), which generally has a rectangular shape and is placed on the ground. It provides a suitable environment and safety protection for the normal operation of electronic equipment.


This is the next highest level of assembly at the system level. A cabinet without a closed structure is called a rack.


The server cabinet material generally USES the thin steel plate, each section shape the steel profile, the aluminum profile and each kind of engineering plastics and so on. The frame of the server cabinet is divided into welding,


Screw connection, but also use the bonding process.