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New Content Of World Metal Processing Technology
- Jun 02, 2018 -


Analysis and solution of machining deformation of thin-walled box body

Expert review: the deformation and stress of aluminum processing is an important factor affect the machining accuracy of parts and described in this article the stress deformation in machining thin-walled parts especially, coupled with factors such as cutting force, clamping deformation, finally the precision of parts is very difficult to guarantee. In this paper, the author analyzes and improves the tool, processing parameters and clamping method, and has accumulated rich experience in the processing of such thin-walled cylinder parts, which is worthy of the reference of the peers.


Research on the front frame processing technology of small loader

Expert comments: the front frame mentioned in this paper is a welded structural part, which is composed of multiple plate parts and welded together. By making reasonable riveting welding and boring tooling, the author realizes the unification of the positioning datum of riveting welding and boring hole and ensures the quality of the workpiece. Peers can learn from similar structural parts.


Improvement of grinding methods for high precision steel rollers and hollow slender shafts

Expert review: the author in the large steel roller and hollow cylindrical grinding of slender shaft of bold innovation, through the simple and practical process improvements, easily solved the radial circular runout and thermal deformation difficult problems in the process of grinding, the processing of experience is worth our learning from practice.


Portable shaft neck turning device to find the correct method

Expert comments: heavy equipment rotating shaft parts, a large number of body weight, disassembly and transportation are not convenient. The portable shaft neck turning device is an economical method to repair damaged shaft neck on site. Its machining precision mainly depends on the equipment installation alignment accuracy, the author through routine look for the positive and reverse benchmark with precise alignment contrast research, explore measurement first, then precise calculating after adjustment for the teachings, to find are short time, high precision.


Application of advanced metal processing technology

Abstract: this article from the nc multi-axis, the high speed high elaboration, full automation, multiple spindle power, the whole life cycle of greening, form a complete set of equipment, the entire digital forming tool standardization, etc., and points out the "new normal" stage of development trend of the application of advanced metal processing technology.


Application of electric permanent magnetic technology in metal processing

Abstract: the article introduces the electric permanent magnet magnetic circuit structure design and working steps, is pointed out that the advanced nature and reliability of electric permanent magnet technology and its application in machine tool fixture design, manufacture, the fixture structure is simplified, positioning accuracy, rigidity and accuracy improved. The number of one-time clamping workpieces increases greatly, the size is consistent well, the processing efficiency is high, enhances the production capacity, is suitable for mass production.


The application of thread milling technology in the processing of high-speed train frame

Abstract: in view of the traditional thread processing mode can't meet the demand of high-speed emu frame processing problems, analysis of threaded hole machining difficulty, USES the thread milling technology, choose the right means of thread milling and processing, processing of meet the technical requirements of the traction rod threaded hole.


Application of 3D printing technology in parts processing

Abstract: the complex profile of machining titanium alloy material parts introduced in 3 d printing technology, through rapid prototyping method, obtained blank process optimization, in order to improve the model accuracy, speed and quality, solve the problem of large workpieces machining allowance, improves the machining efficiency, reduces the production cost.


Clean production of metal processing enterprises

Abstract: respectively in automotive metal parts and steel pipe processing enterprises, the paper analyses the pollution sources, put forward a variety of measures to reduce emissions, lists the cleaner production plan, and to evaluate scheme of environment and economy. It has certain reference significance for metal processing enterprises to carry out clean production and management in production.


Aircraft wing surface arc and positioning groove milling processing

Abstract: in this paper, the complexity the titanium alloy parts processing technology are analyzed, through the reasonable fixture design, specialized production of the design and machine tools and fixture adjustment, successfully completed the mold processing, to ensure the parts design tolerance requirements.


Large wind turbine brake disc milling slot device

Abstract: this device is in order to solve the function of wind turbine brake plate groove processing problem, according to the characteristics of design artifacts, the processing device, not only has realized the function groove processing, but also changed the conventional processing, the form of the milling groove from vertical milling to lie in the form of milling, avoid the risk of the milling cutter is easily broken, by comparison with the later application of the device, greatly reduces the manufacturing cost, improve the production efficiency.


Application of motion controller in nc system

Abstract: this paper makes a comparative analysis of the control methods commonly used in traditional nc system, and proves the advantages of using motion controller for control. Taking the handling manipulator control system as an example, the working principle, general scheme, hardware design and software design are introduced.