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Numerical Control
- Nov 12, 2018 -

Numerical control is the abbreviation of digital control. Numerical control technology is a method to control mechanical movement and machining process by using digital information.

There were two early versions:

NC (Numerical Control) : Numerical Control technology representing the old version.

CNC (Numerical Control) : computer Numerical Control technology -- the new version, the preferred abbreviation of Numerical Control.

NC may be CNC, but CNC is by no means an old CNC technology.

In the early days, the numerical control system was composed of hardware circuits, called Hard NC. After the 1970s, the hardware circuit components were gradually replaced by special computers, known as computer numerical control system. Generally, special computers were used and equipped with interface circuits, which could control the movement of multiple numerical control devices. Therefore, today's numerical control is generally CNC (computer numerical control), rarely used the concept of NC.