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Outdoor Cabinet Manufacturing Process
- Jul 16, 2018 -


Coating surface should be continuous, uniform, texture model is consistent with the corresponding standards, and no tumor, shrinkage cavity, bubble, pinhole, crack, peeling, pulverization and particles, sagging, grinning, inclusion defects such as dirt.

For the machine cabinet without spray treatment, the surface gloss and texture should be uniform and beautiful.


After the adhesion test, the coating on the surface of the cabinet meets the requirements of medium grade 1 in table 1 of GB/T 9286-1998.

Impact resistant

The coating on the surface of the cabinet has no radial crack, gap and other defects after the shock test.


The coating on the cabinet surface is anti-aging.

Resistance to solvent

After solvent resistance test, the surface of the machine cabinet should not lose light, obvious color loss and signs of wiping.