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Stamping Die Terminology
- Aug 29, 2018 -

7. Undulating forming is a stamping process that relies on the extension of materials to form partial dents or bumps of working pieces. The change of material thickness in undulating forming is non-intentional, that is, a small change of thickness is formed naturally in the process of deformation, not required by design.

8, bending

Bending is a pressing process in which pressure is used to cause plastic deformation of the material, so that it is bent into a shape with certain curvature and certain Angle.

9, chisel cut

Chisel cutting is the blanking or punching process using the chisel cutting die of the sharp edge. There is no underdie for chisel cutting, only a flat plate under the material, most of the materials are non-metal.

10. Deep hole blanking

Deep hole blanking is the punching process when the hole diameter is equal to or less than the thickness of the blanking material.

11, blanking

Blanking is a stamping process in which materials are separated along the closed contour.