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Star Bridge With Steel Plate Protection
- Aug 06, 2018 -

On June 15, construction workers found problems of asphalt displacement and damage on the bridge deck of the jialuhe bridge, which spans the cultural road in zhongmou county, according to a document obtained by After receiving the report, zhongmu county committee and county government attached great importance to it, and held a special meeting to study and solve the problem on 16th, and organized field investigation by experts from henan road materials and structural engineering technology research center. After field investigation and careful inspection of the design drawings and other technical data, experts agree that the overall structure of the bridge is safe without quality problems. The reason for the problem of asphalt displacement and oil surface damage is that the steel bridge deck pavement is very sensitive to temperature change, because the temperature difference between day and night is large, and the steel bridge with orthotropic face is large, resulting in temperature difference deformation. Hydropower ZhongMou ten game, according to the relevant person in charge of project department to surging news is the problem of the steel box girder section, in simple terms, is at the bottom of the steel box girder, the asphalt concrete layer is above, "steel sheet with the above the layer of asphalt concrete heat expansion (different levels), two kinds of material how to make it achieve unification, this shop is that work is a problem."