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The Bridge Was Damaged Within Months Of Its Opening
- Aug 04, 2018 -

Zhongmou county humane way across Gu Luhe bridge, is Asia's most wide without back cable tower cable-stayed bridge structure, the spent nearly three years, at a cost of hundreds of millions of yuan, once known as zhengzhou new landmark "star bridge", opened this year in late march, shortly after the deck in a large amount of damage and fracture, even can clearly see the stones below the steel plate. On July 31, reported that a 3.2-meter height bar and a travel ban were set at both ends of the bridge. According to the statement, due to the maintenance of the bridge's road materials, the bridge is restricted to trucks and only light vehicles under 3.0 meters can pass through the bridge from 0 a.m. on July 25 to 24 p.m. On September 1. In addition, the east half of the bridge has been repaired, with isolated cones placed in the middle for temporary two-way traffic. The western half of the bridge is under repair, with plastic sheeting on the deck and several workers working.