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The Original Sheet Metal NC Programming Can Save So Much Cost?
- Jun 08, 2018 -

Abstract: due to the historical reasons for the development of factories, most sheet metal numerical control processing enterprises have various kinds of numerical control equipment and NC programming software. Editors share the four factors that trigger costs, which can provide some help for the planning of enterprises.

At present, many sheet metal processing enterprises CNC equipment can be said to be multifarious, everything. Including CNC turret punching, CNC laser cutting and CNC bending machine, both imported machine tools and domestic machine tools such as Japanese Amada, German TRUMPF, domestic jzemai, Yawei or Golden Square are all kinds, such as AP100, CNCKad, Radan and so on; and the demand of the market is to be fast, to save, and to be Quality。 Of course, fast and good quality is the requirement of customers. Saving money is the boss's idea.

This is a higher requirement for NC programming personnel. It will write NC program of CNC punch press, NC cutting machine and NC bending machine. It can apply at least two kinds of programming software, and also can operate these machine tools. The editor recently learned about a factory. They used Radan CAD/CAM software recommended by Dong Dai software to unify all CNC programming applications. The boss gave us an account and may be enlightening to all of us.

He believes that under the current market economy, we must pay attention to every link in production to control the cost and remain invincible under the fluctuation of market economy. This is related to the following factors:

1. Artificial cost

If every NC programmer is required to master more than 2 kinds of software, it will increase 20-30% in human cost, and even if it is the desire to learn, the cost of learning is doubled. For a factory, there may be several classes a day, and the reserve of human resources should be considered, otherwise the importance of the job will be doubled.

If everyone grasps the programming of a software, it is obviously too costly. If you want to master 2 or more programming methods, the importance of posts should be increased by three times.

2. Time cost

In actual production, the processing task of a machine tool is often needed to be transferred to another machine. The numerical control code generated by different software takes time to convert, usually making the production preparation time increased by about 30%. How much has happened in a year, can not be counted, but a factor of cost increase.

Picking up parts graphics requires manual operation, which is often a time-consuming task. The efficiency is not to mention. The labor cost is a figure that can not be ignored.

3. Additional cost

Most of the numerical control programming software usually does not have a strong drawing ability, which means that third party software is used to draw parts before NC programming, such as AutoCAD or SolidWorks for the design and drawing of sheet metal parts, or for conversion. If we use genuine software, we will increase the investment in software. If pirated software is used, there will be risks in application errors and laws.

4. Integrated cost

In a sheet metal NC machining workshop, there are many links for data exchange. The production task in ERP has reached the collection of part graphics; the parts graphics are imported into the NC programming software; the conversion between different programming software; the expansion of the 3D part graphics to the numerical control programming software; the introduction of the 3D part model to the bending programming. The cost of this process should not be low if different software is required to import or export data manually or manually.

To sum up, we can see that the chaos of sheet metal NC programming caused by historical reasons may lead to the high cost of sheet metal NC machining. In the current shortage of human resources, this situation may become increasingly fierce. It is conceivable that people who need to master a variety of software and machine tool skills need a lot of money to find and retain, and to ensure that the work as always is difficult. The full line software of Radan CAD/CAM can be used to unify all the applications of the sheet metal numerical control workshop, including the design of three dimensional parts, the calculation of part expansion, the parameterized graphics, the batch import of part graphics, the programming of the CNC turret punching, the programming of the NC laser cutting and the programming of the NC bending machine. All the applications are completed under a graphical interface. It makes programmers only need to master one kind of software. From the above factors, we can see that at least the amount of manpower needed is substantially reduced, and the increase of automation has reduced the risk of human resources. The operation cost of the factory can be reduced significantly and it is worth popularizing.