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The Reason Why The Star Bridge Is Broken
- Aug 08, 2018 -

As for the impact of overloaded vehicles on the bridge, the official said that because of the high adhesion requirements of steel plate and asphalt concrete surface, the overloaded vehicle could not withstand that load after passing by, resulting in shear damage, so it needed to improve the adhesion relay. It said that authoritative experts have come to give technical guidance, improve the process, optimize the raw material performance and so on. At present, the eastern half of the painting has been repaired, but due to the high technological requirements and the requirement for humidity, the continuous rainy days have slowed the progress of the western half of the painting. noted that the east half of the bridge, which has been repaired and temporarily opened to traffic, is covered with steel plates. This is a protective measure, the official said, because it will take some time for the bituminous concrete and steel box girders at the bottom to be glued together in the best way.