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Ultrasonic Industrial Humidifier For The Field
- Dec 26, 2018 -

Compared with the 1990s, China’s economic growth and development model has begun to undergo fundamental changes, and it is shifting from extensive to intensive. As far as industrial product production is concerned, details are increasingly becoming a key factor in determining success or failure. Under the premise that the conditions of machinery and equipment, process and workers' training have reached international standards, the products produced by Chinese enterprises are still far from the international standards (high, fine and sharp), that is, the products produced are compared with foreign countries. It is similar to God. It has gradually been found that the natural environment of industrial production plays a decisive role. One of the important indicators of the natural environment of industrial production is humidity. Many industrial products must be produced under specified humidity. At the same time, suitable relative humidity plays a decisive role in improving product quality, reducing scrap rate, preventing static electricity, eliminating dust, purifying air and improving the environment.