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Ultrasonic Industrial Humidifiers Have The Following Characteristics
- Dec 29, 2018 -

1. High humidification efficiency (close to 100%), high humidification intensity, small and uniform fog particles, and can quickly reach the required relative humidity per unit time, saving water source;

2. The energy consumption index of unit humidification is low. The energy consumption of ultrasonic humidifier is only 0.05 kW/(kg.h), which is only equivalent to 1/10~1/15 of other humidification methods, and the daily running cost is low;

3, small size, can be self-contained according to the site conditions, not only suitable for the installation of new plants, but also can be upgraded and upgraded on the basis of not destroying the original equipment;

4, humidification evenly, can quickly and large-scale solution to practical problems in industrial production, such as flying flowers, broken ends, static electricity, rough roughness and fiber fragility in textile production;

5. The atomizing component adopts the integrated atomizing movement. The fully sealed structure design achieves the purpose of waterproofing, and the replacement and maintenance of the atomizing sheet can be solved immediately on the spot, completely eliminating the early damage of the ultrasonic humidifying system and short life. And maintenance problems;

6. The integrated atomization movement has its own water protection device, which can effectively ensure that the atomization movement automatically stops when the water level is too low, no need to equip the equipment, and saves the cost;

7. The control method is flexible and convenient. There are three control modes to choose from: switch control, timing control and humidity automatic control. Flexible selection and matching can be made according to the site environment and personnel arrangement when selecting;

8. Humidifier with automatic humidity control is equipped with imported humidity sensor from France. It has high sensitivity and quick response. It can completely realize the operation of no personnel on site. 9. The equipment is made of stainless steel, which has beautiful appearance, corrosion resistance and long service life.

10. The equipment has both fixed bracket and movable installation modes, and can be installed in the area away from the humidification place through the pipeline connection, which not only facilitates the installation of the equipment, but also improves the use efficiency of the space;

11. The equipment passes the national electrical safety use test, equipped with high-performance automatic water supply solenoid valve, overflow and drain, easy to use, safe and reliable;

12. The overall design of the equipment has been tested repeatedly and tested for many years. It has a compact structure and reasonable matching. There is no high-power motor. It is not driven by pure mechanical energy, so there is no noise during operation and high atomization effect on liquid.